Seminar With Cardiac Doctor & Surgeon



A seminar was organized on Feb. 05, 2017 with the support of Department of Cardiac Surgery, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) targeting the cardiac doctors and surgeons of govt. hospitals situated in Dhaka city coinciding with the visit of Dr. Pramod Khosla, Associated Professor of Department of Nutrition & Food Science Wayne State University, Detroit, USA, in Dhaka. About 200 cardiac doctors and surgeons of BSMMU and National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease (NICVD) participated in the seminar.
Keynote speaker was Dr. Pramod Khosla, who spoke on “Update on Dietary Fats and CVD Risk” clearing many misconceptions particularly in relation to saturated fats highlighting the palm oil, while Dr. Shanker Bhandari, a Nepalese citizen, who works in Nepalese Army and is currently doing his post-graduation on CVD at BSMMU, spoke on Coronary Atherosclerosis and its Treatment.

In his presentation, Dr. Pramod Khosla spoke covering various aspects of dietary fats and CVD risk supported with the findings of many scientific studies, which were undertaken by different organizations in different countries of the world. In his presentation he clearly stated that oils and fats are not the main cause of CVD in Bangladesh as the consumption of oils and fats in Bangladesh is very low, which is only 35 gms per head per day against 77 gms of global average consumption.

Since oils and fats are the major source of energy in the human body and it is recommended that at least 30% of daily calorie intake should come from oils and fats, hence still there is scope to increase the consumption of oils and fats among the Bangladeshi community. In this presentation Dr. Khosla also highlighted the benefits of consumption of palm oil, which is naturally rich in tochotrionol content and free from trans-fat.

Prof. Dr. Asit Baran Adhikary, Chairman & Chief of Special Unit, Dept. of Cardiac Surgery, BSMMU presided over the seminar. In his speech he stated that it was a rare scope for the doctors, who are attending the seminar, to learn about the latest developments and findings on dietary fats and CVD risk, which is highly discussing issue now-a-days. He also expressed that the attendant doctors would avail this scope appropriately. He also thanked MPOC for organizing such a meaningful seminar.