MPOC, Dhaka Office Participated in the Chicken Fest – 2018


Malaysian Palm Oil Council, Dhaka Office participated in the two days long event styled as Chicken Fest – 2018 as Associate Partner. The programme was organized by Bangladesh Animal Agricultural Society (BAAS) with the support of Gulshan Club North, while Planet X Inc. was the Event Manager. Country’s leading farm chicken producers, eateries, who are famous locally and internationally for foods prepared using chicken, participated in the event held on Sept. 7 and 8, 2018.

Event was held in the premises of Gulshan Club, North and inaugurated by Club President Mr. Aman Ullah, while Mr. Morshed Alam, President of BAAS and Dr. Md. Safiul Ahad Sardar, General Secretary of BAAS, AKM Fakhrul Alam, Regional Manager of MPOC, Dhaka Office were also present in the inaugural session. Gulshan North is mainly a push area and generally rich people and diplomats live there and accordingly, it was an opportunity for MPOC to convey the facts about the beneficial attributes of palm oil among the rich people and diplomats as well, whom opinions are valued in the society. On request of MPOC, Dhaka office, Bangladesh Edible Oil Ltd., owner of MEIZAN brand palm olein, also participated in the event and focused their MEIZAN brand palm olein. They made the arrangement to serve chicken nuggets, wings, meatball freshly fried in palm oil among the visitors of the events, which drew the attention of the visitors. Besides, arrangement of sale of consumer packs of MEIZAN brand palm olein was also made, which also attracts the visitors of the event. Programme was widely covered through social media namely Facebook, You Tube etc.