FGV backs MPOA request to resume critical plantation operations in Sabah

KUALA LUMPUR (April 1): FGV Holdings Bhd (FGV) has added its voice to concerns raised by the Malaysian Palm Oil Association (MPOA) and the Malaysian Estate Owner Association (MEOA) over a recent decision by the Sabah State Government to close palm oil operations in three additional districts in the State. This would lead to a […]

MCO in Bangladesh Threatens Ramadan Demand for Oils & Fats

COVID-19 came as a havoc on oils and fats market of Bangladesh. Since Ramadan, the peak consumtion vis-à-vis import period of oils and fats in the country, is ensuing, refiners, importers and traders were ready for a bumper business and were prepared themselves accordingly. Importers cum refiners had planned to import about 400,000 to 500,000 […]

Key Issues Affecting Palm Oil in the EU and in EU Member States in 2020 and beyond

The following are the key issues affecting palm oil in the EU, in EU Member States and in other European countries during 2020 and beyond. 1. The EU’s Renewable Energy Sources Directive The key development in 2019, and which will likely continue to play an important role in the 2020 and beyond, is the EU’s […]

Coronavirus implications on Egypt

Egypt’s Ministry of Health announced the total infected cases as of 25 March 2020 is 456 cases, including 95 cases that have been cured and discharged from hospitals, and 21 deaths. As at today, several preventive measures has been taken to combat the spread of the new virus including suspending international flights, shutting down schools […]

Impact of Covid-19 On Indian Vegoils Business

COVID-19 has wormed itself into the consciousness of people around the world. It has laid bare the boundaries created by men. In its rampage across the globe, it has brought the high and mighty to their knees. India has been a late entrant to the visitations of this virus. Almost all those afflicted in India […]
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